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Hey Traveler!

Once again, welcome to our community! We are truly happy to have you with us!

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Trampaway is about sharing.

Sharing stories, experiences and tips. You can do it in many different ways! How? This short tutorial will answer that question.

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Create an album

We’re pretty sure

you have many photos of people, countries, cities, buildings, animals, parks from your trips.

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On Trampaway.com you can easily upload them all and create special albums.

Trampaway will help you keep your media in order. You can also add a description to each photo and video.

Create an album

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Add a trip

Isn’t it strange that all of the “unforgettable” memories are so easy to forget?

On trampaway.com we encourage you to share your travel stories, opinions and experiences from your jurney.

Keep a diary or a journal to make sure your memories stay with you forever!

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Create a guide

Is there a place that you know very well? A place you can talk about for hours?

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Do you know the history
of every building, atmosphere
of every district and the best
restaurant for a healthy
dinner? Show us around!

Share your knowledge and create your own city guide! It could be your hometown or a favorite travel destination.

Your contribution matters!

Create a guide

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